My story

Cloudberry Yarns is the brainchild and pet project of me, Jill. I'm a longtime knitter and admirer of hand-dyed yarns, and so this seemed like the natural next step. I'm supported by my husband, Erik, who helps with such things as the photography and other behind-the-scenes stuff. I'm an American by birth but have been living and working in Sweden for about 9 years total.

Located in Östergötland County, Sweden, Cloudberry Yarns is named after one of my favorite things about Sweden: cloudberries (Swedish: hjortron)! These berries are native to the mountains here between Sweden and Norway (as well as few other places including Greenland and Alaska) and they are considered a delicacy, most commonly made into jam and served with Swedish waffles. If you've never had them, I highly recommend it!

We dye yarn in small batches using a variety of techniques. I'm stretching and learning more about this art form every time I step into my studio! I personally love bright colors and fun, exciting projects.