Are the yarn colors in the product pictures accurate?

We do our best to provide product images that match the dyed yarns. However, be aware that your display or device may display the images differently (e.g., if you have a blue-light filter activated, or if the display has different contrast or saturation settings), and of course no pictures can truly show the colors of the actual yarn as it appears in different lights. Trust us, they are even more vibrant and richer in real life! We are confident that you will be happy with the colors you receive.

I bought a few skeins last month but it was not enough - can I buy more for my project and have them match?

We hand-dye small batches of yarn at the time, so chances are that the new skeins will not be a 100% match to the ones you bought earlier from us. We recommend that you buy enough skeins at once - we pick out skeins that match as much as possible when we ship your order.