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Chiaro di luna, in Danish

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About the song

In 2020, Eurovision was forced to cancel the competition for the first time since it started in 1956. By the time the 2021 competition rolled around, the entire Europe was craving the magic of Eurovision. And what Europe wanted more than anything else was apparently a good old classic rock banger. 

Enter Måneskin with Zitti e buoni. This Italian rock band brings the mind right back to the glorious glam rockers of the 80's with their larger than life stage performance, glorious hair, and nonchalant feet-on-the-table-while-drinking-champagne post-show interviews. They did not, in fact "zitti e buoni" ("Shut Up and Behave"). Måneskin won the hearts, and votes, of Europe and came out on top by 25 points over the second place finished Barbara Pravi with her classic French ballad Voilà. 

 Oh, the name? Måneskin is Danish for "moonlight". It has conceptually nothing to do with the band, but the member De Angelis is half danish and was simply asked to throw out some random Danish words when they were brainstorming about a name. Måneskin simply sounded cool, so they picked it. How glam rock ain't that?

About the yarn

Main skein base: Gold Sparkle (75% superwash merino/20% nylon/5% gold Stellina)
Main skein length:  100g / 400m / 437yd
Mini skein base: Socktastic (75% superwash merino/25% nylon) 
Mini skein length: 20g / 80m / 87yd

Dyed to order

This product will be dyed to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks before shipment.

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The song