Sock Knitting - What to do with all this fabulous yarn?

Be inspired with free sock patterns!

If you've visited our Yarnovision Sock Collection, you may have ended up with a one (or more) sock sets in your cart. (Don't know what Yarnovision is? Go check out the blog post that explains why I've made a collection based on the best song competition ever.) Great! But now, the question may be, how exactly do I go about knitting socks? If you are, like me, an infrequent sock knitter at best, then you may be a little lost as to what kinds of patterns will work best with these yarns.

Don't worry! I'm here to curate a list of free sock patterns that will work with most if not all of our Yarnovision sets. I've included links to the sets I think would work best, but they are just suggestions! The world of sock knitting is wide and varied, and we're just helping you to get your toes a little wet in the pool. Let's take a look at some patterns!

I'm So Basic Socks by Summer Lee (Ravelry, Summer Lee Design)

This is a pattern for the absolute beginner. Summer's pattern is a very thorough introduction to knitting socks and using Magic Loop for small-circumference knitting. The written instructions are detailed, and she includes videos to help demonstrate the different techniques.

Yarn suggestions: Not all fun and games, Touch it with a 10 meter pole

Hermione's Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder (Ravelry, Dreams in Fiber)

Yarn suggestions: Work it Verka, This is not a toy

On the Fence by Anna Lange (Ravelry)

Yarn suggestions: Super happy, The Roop is on fire

Bonny Lass Socks by Fay Gibson (Ravelry)

Yarn suggestions: Not the wurst yarn, Epic Sax Yarn

Embrace by Verena Beith (Ravelry)

Yarn suggestions: Chiaro di luna, in Danish, Super sad

Sank Socks by Lotta H Löthgren (Ravelry)

Yarn suggestions: My moody money, Go bright or get out

Fireweed Socks by Alexandra Gilligan-Cook (Ravelry)

Yarn suggestions: Fired up, Joike's on you

Horace Socks by Louise Robert (Ravelry, Biscotte Yarns)

This sock pattern is toe-up.

Yarn suggestionsDaði of the Decade, Here today, Gjon tomorrow

Weekend Shorty Socks by Summer Lee (Ravelry)

These are shorty socks (ankle socks, as I usually call them). Which means that you could get 2 full pairs out of a regular sock set! 

Yarn suggestions: Blinding colorsWhere to Go_A?